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OptiShield is our high performance, ready to use, clay stabilized asphalt emulsion bituminous surface treatment, fortified with adhesion promoters.

OptiShield surface seal is a ready to use clay stabilized asphalt emulsion featuring a unique combination of asphalt cement and specialized clay. OptiShield protects and extends the pavement life by replacing the vital surface oils, locking down the loose aggregates and preventing damage caused by oxidation, weather and traffic. An ideal choice to maintain asphalt driveways and parking lots.

One Coat Process

With the convenience of a one coat application process you can reduce your customers down time and finish your projects in minimal time while still achieving a quality dark finish.

Specialty Surfactants for Water Resistance

Water absorption into the dried sealer film is one of the leading culprits of

pavement sealer wear. Specialty surfactants are blended into OptiShield     during the manufacturing process that greatly enhance wear characteristics.

Easy Application

OptiShield is a ready to use product with the added benefit of being applied using either standard diaphragm pumps or gear pumps. Squeegee, spray or brush, your end result will be a beautiful dark finish.

OptiShield Dries Fast!

OptiShield uses a unique high solids formulation providing a much faster drying time in comparison to conventional pavement sealers that are diluted with water prior to application.